Cutting edge technology for the Fund Finance lending market

Sionic FundFinance has been engineered to support the most sophisticated deal structures in the Fund Finance market, and to manage the data and reporting needs of the business in a way not possible with spreadsheets It leverages machine learning, big data concepts, and cloud delivery to provide unparalleled data quality, integration, analytics, and reporting. The outcome is a single true source of reliable data for Fund Finance Lenders.

  • Step 1


    Capture, maintain, and access all portfolio details

  • Step 2


    Fully integrate with your Bank's internal systems

  • Step 3


    Machine learning-enabled deal capture and analytics to find fresh insights

  • Step 4


    Deal and portfolio-level reporting on funds, fund managers, investors, and deals

  • Deals / Borrowing Bases

    Subscription, NAV and hybrid deal structures are supported natively, including nuances such as hurdle points, individual and investor category concentration caps, flexible categorization and advance rate tracking, multiple borrowing bases (“umbrella deals”), and asset features for NAV deals. Economics of the deals are maintained, as well as stratification by investment strategy, credit class, sector focus, country of risk, geographic focus. Tracking of PD and LGD mapped to your internal credit processes is available.

    Borrowing base reports are automatically ingested to track the current state of uncalled capital by investor throughout the life of the deal. Investor additions or removal is tracked through the life of the deal as well.

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  • Investors

    FundFinance maintains an Investor Hierarchy across your entire global portfolio, built via our Investor Matching process. This ensures that all LPs are represented one and only one time in the system regardless of the name reported across Borrowing Bases and relationships between LPs and LP parents / ownership structure are maintained in line with your internal structure. When the borrowing base on a deal is ingested, each individual uncalled capital record is aggregated at the Investor level for consolidated reporting across deals. This always allows you to exactly know your reliance on any investor at any level of the investor Hierarchy.

    Detailed information about the Investor is maintained at each level of the hierarchy as well, enhancing your ability to gain insights from activity in the portfolio. Location, investor type, assets under management, funded ratio where appropriate, ratings history, and sovereign immunity status are some of the attributes tracked.

    The Investor Hierarchy allows for maintenance of a Credit Hierarchy, facilitating processes to determine credit ratings based on the nature of relationships between LP operating entities. Deal level exposure reporting is then able to leverage credit-weighted LP reliance across the portfolio, allowing you to know which LPs need to be monitored most closely at any time.

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  • Loans

    FundFinance interfaces with your production lending system, so you can manage the status of the current borrowing base vs. draws on the facility.

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  • Funds / Fund Managers

    Fund formation documents and investor documentation (LPAs, Subscription Agreements, even Side Letters) can be automatically read and key terms extracted using machine learning algorithms trained specifically for financial documents. The information is retained over time to facilitate the understanding of how it impacts investor, deal, and fund manager performance over time.

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  • Integration

    FundFinance integrates with your lending platform across the firm. Our Investor Hierarchy allows you to integrate with your internal credit data and processes, including deal rating and credit notching processes. We even automate the input of credit ratings for Investors from public or proprietary sources, whether external or internal.

    Integration with your loan management system allows for monitoring of facility balance and draws against current borrowing base. FX rate integration ensures that your multicurrency portfolios are revalued daily, weekly, or monthly as required according to your official closing rates for consistent reporting and analysis across the portfolio and even for bank-wide reporting.

    We integrate with sanctions screening tools, simplifying your efforts to ensure investors do not violate OFAC and other governmental prohibitions, and with external collaboration systems (e.g., Intralinks, Syndtrak, Debt Domain) for larger syndication efforts. FundFinance can even integrate with reporting on LP funding bank accounts to monitor status of capital call funding throughout the life of the deal.

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  • Analytics

    Reviewing investor behavior across deals gives insights to portfolio managers and credit decision makers, and helps with the structuring of new deals. Deal terms captured from official deal documents allow lenders to understand how specific deal terms affect investor behavior and deal performance.

    Fund Manager performance can be assessed with respect to Fund Finance deal usage over time; you have a repository of data that allows assessment of fund managers over time.

    Credit teams can assess reliance on particular investors across the portfolio with a clear understanding of Investor reliance across the portfolio. FundFinance can help you better understand the impact of a number of issues that can impact deal performance:

    • Concentration assessments

    • Overcall limitations

    • Sovereign Immunity analysis

    • Monitoring hurdle rates

    • Side letter terms and their impact (e.g., MFN provisions)

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  • Reporting

    Flexible reporting is a key feature of FundFinance. Standard reports can stratify the portfolio or subsets of the portfolio across any static or dynamic parameter in the system: Investor status, deal types or performance, fund manager behavior, sector analysis, the list goes on. Dashboard reporting is available for an instant view of portfolio status. FundFinance integrates with all Data Visualization tools. All data is available to download into Excel for ad hoc analysis, while maintaining the true source of data within the tool.

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  • Machine Learning

    Leveraging deep learning tools and platforms, FundFinance is able to capture data from original deal documents regardless of their format, and to understand and store the content for analysis purposes.

    This provides far more data for analysis, as well as the ability to look across the data in a much more interesting way to identify insights that improve the predictive capability of the system. This in turn allows lenders to make much more nuanced judgements in the credit decisioning and deal structuring processes, giving them a competitive advantage in the market vs. lenders who rely on rules of thumb.

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  • Cloud

    FundFinance is delivered via the cloud, with full encryption to ensure security of the data. It can operate on any of the three major cloud providers (Google, AWS, Azure). It can also be installed and managed internally.

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  • Big Data

    Big data storage solutions allow for more than just large volume storage. It allows for flexible structure of the data itself, allowing the tool to evolve with new data elements and reporting requirements without the need to restructure the database.

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